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The Best Desktop Wallets

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2018)

There are many options when it comes to storing your crypto and today we are going to talk about desktop wallets – which are also known as software wallets.

There are two features that pair off against each other in a trade-off when it comes to crypto currency wallets – convenience and security. Desktop wallets offer more security than web wallets by storing your key on your computer instead of the internet but still offer convenience its connection to the internet.


The key benefits to desktop wallets are:

  • There are many free options to securely store your crypto currency with software on your desktop
  • Added security by requiring access to your computer in order to access your crypto currency
  • Conveniently access your crypto by logging into the software while connected to the internet.


Here are some great options for desktop wallets.


  • Safe
    • Encrypted private keys that never leave your computer
  • Forgiving
    • Never lose access to your funds with the use of secret phrases
  • Instant On
    • Super fast due to the use of servers that index the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Flexibility
    • Want to try another Bitcoin wallet? No problem; just export your private keys
  • No downtimes
    • Servers are redundant and decentralized so your wallet is always available
  • Secure transactions
    • All transactions are verified using SPV
  • Cold storage
    • Not all desktop wallets offer cold storage – this means storing your private keys offline. Go online using the watching-only feature
  • Multisig
    • Require more than one authorization for transactions to add security
  • Integration
    • Add-on include various plug-ins such as multisig services and hardware wallets

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Exodus is a great desktop wallet for those who like an attractive interface that is easy to use. As an all-in-one app to secure, manage and exchange blockchain assets they claim to be the first desk-top multi-asset wallet to have ShapeShift built in…this allows easier and faster trading of different crypto currencies.

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Available at:

  • iOs App Store
  • Google Play
  • Windows Store
  • Chrome App
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux

A BitPay Bitcoin wallet that is open source with HD-multisignature. HD stands for hierarchical-deterministic and it makes protecting your Bitcoin easier; access your Bitcoin forever after just one backup.

Manage many wallets with Copay – all in one app. Bitcoin Payment Protocol makes sure that your money goes to the right place. Testnet support available for developers testing new bitcoin applications across multiple platforms.

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What’s your favourite desktop wallet? Comment below.


Stay tuned for new desktop wallet recommendations!



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